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The most important book for learning Spoken Arabic: The Spoken Lebanese Verb Dictionary from ALPS Beirut

The Alf fi3il w fi3il, (1001 Verbs) Dictionary is for anyone learning Spoken Lebanese. We are pleased to announce the newest book to our Lebneini w 2aktar method.

If you are a beginner you will love that:
The book has over 200 of the most frequently used verbs all grouped together in one section making them easy to find, learn and begin using.

The conjugation charts include present tense, past tense and the imperative form and are given in both Arabic and phonetic scripts how so you can confidently see and learn the pronunciation before you have mastered reading and writing in the Arabic script.

If you are a more advanced student you will love that:
The book follows as closely as possible the 10 verb forms in MSA and teaches you the similarities and differences in Spoken Lebanese – making your transition from MSA to the Spoken Language faster and easier.

There are over 1,300 verbs that cover all topics and you can easily look up any verb by Arabic or by English.

Every verb in the dictionary is also accompanied by a key letter (A,B,C,D, or E). This indicates how common the word typically is in the spoken language. A are the most common words such as “eat”, “go” or “give.” B is second most common. E is shows more specialized words.

Stop by ALPS Beirut to get your copy today for a limited time price of $30 or online at

Lebneini w 2aktar Spoken Levantine Arabic Verbs Dictionary 1

Lebneini w 2aktar Spoken Levantine Arabic Verbs Dictionary

Lebneini w 2aktar Spoken Levantine Arabic Verbs Dictionary 3 Lebneini w 2aktar Spoken Levantine Arabic Verbs Dictionary 4


ALPS Beirut Spoken Levantine Arabic Vol. 2

When you complete Volume 2 of the Spoken Lebanese curriculum at ALPS Beirut you will be able to know and use all of the verb tenses in the spoken dialect. In addition to learning some of the most commonly used verbs, you will continue to learn important vocabulary words and improve your conversation skills.

We begin with a review of the present tense and focus on irregular present tense verbs and verbs with a shaddeh.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.34.15 AM

Then we will add “I want”  baddii and “I can” fiinii to present tense verbs and move to the present continuous tense:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.38.45 AM

Now that you can say things like “I want to drink coffee,” we’ll move to the past so you can say “Thanks, but I just drank a cup of coffee,” and the future, “I will see you tomorrow at the cafe.”

As you grown in your conversation skills you’ll learn to ask questions like these and many more:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.48.35 AM

The active participle is used a lot in Spoken Lebanese and there are a few important concepts about the “ism faa3el” for you to know in order to sound Lebanese.  We will cover the active participle in depth so you become confident in using it to discuss the  past, present and future.

Here is one sentence that uses the active participle from the infinitive to write:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.57.33 AM

By the end of the book we have covered the verb tenses and you have had the chance to learn and practice conversations that frequently occur in daily life. This book concludes the beginners level at ALPS and now you are ready for what’s next!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.03.05 PM

Please check out our blog to see scheduled classes at this level. If you are not in Lebanon and want to learn Arabic with this book you can purchase this book online.

You can now buy ALPS Beirut’s Spoken Lebanese Curriculum Online

We have some good news for our former students and those away from Lebanon and wanting to begin to speak the Lebanese dialect. You can now buy our newest books online and have them mailed to your home.

Here are the three new books currently available:

Alefba Book (Vol. 0)

Learning the Arabic alphabet in MSA and the Spoken Dialect 
For more info see this blog post and to purchase the book online click here.

Lebneini w 2aktar Volume 1

Learn the basics for speaking and living in Beirut
For more info see this blog post and to purchase the book online click here.

Lebneini w 2aktar Volume 2

Conversation using all verb tenses
To purchase the book online click here.

The next book will be a reference of 1000 Lebanese verbs!

ALPS Spoken Lebanese Book Volume 1

Lebneini w 2aktar Volume 1

This book focuses on helping you learn the Arabic you need to meet people, get around Beirut and to have basic conversations.

Here are some examples of the Arabic survival skills you will have after about 60 class hours with Spoken Levantine Volume 1:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Greetings and goodbyes
  • Ask and understand directions to places in Beirut
  • Asking for prices and buying food
  • Get a taxi (or service)
  • Tell someone your phone number or what time it is
  • Use polite expressions to build relationships


This book continues to use Arabic and the phonetic alphabet for the first five chapters. After the 5th lesson, only the Arabic script is used.

Lebanese pronounce their vowels in a unique way, so seeing the words written out phonetically helps you sound more Lebanese from the start.


Some basic sentences don’t need a verb in Arabic, so we start with these:
this is

You’ll also be able to ask questions like: “Where are you from?” or “Is this your phone?” (These questions don’t use a verb in Arabic either)


After non-verbal sentences, you’ll learn to use some of the most common verbs in the present tense:

  • to do
  • to work
  • to eat
  • to drink
  • to understand
  • and more!

With every verb you’ll learn nouns and adjectives that are commonly used with them.


And as in very book,  we’ll teach you some expressions that are truly Lebanese:

lebanese phrases


Family is important, so we cover that in depth in Volume 1 as well: