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Lesson 1: Important Phrases in Beirut / Rania & Rima Teach Lebanese Arabic [Pilot]

ALPS Beirut is pleased to announce our pilot YouTube episode –  Rania & Rima Teach Lebanese Arabic. We hope this will be a fun and easy way for former students to keep learning Arabic wherever they are and for those interested in studying Lebanese Arabic to get started.


This is just the pilot and we have so many ideas for new, helpful episodes, but first we need your opinion. Watch the pilot and if you want to see more, please take a moment to like or share it. 



The Script:

Navigation – getting around Beirut in Arabic

3mol ma3ruuf  //  Excuse me 

kiif fiiny ruu7 3a down town  //  How can I get to Downtown?

binzal hown law sama7it  //  I’ll get out (of the service/taxi) here please

w tfaDDal, howl alfeyn 1ira  //  and here you go, this is 2,000 lira

When you meet someone

mar7aba  //  Hello!

shu ismak?  //  What’s your name? (to a man)

shu ismik?  //  What’s your name? (to a woman)

inta min weyn?  //  Where are you from? (to a man)

inti min weyn?  //  Where are you from? (to a woman)

How to order at a restaurant

baddy oTlob Sandwish djeij  //  I would like to order a chicken sandwich 

w baddy anniinet may zghiireh w kbiireh  //  and I want a small bottle of water and a large one

w baddy le-7seib law sama7it  //  and I want the check please

How to say “Good bye” in Lebanese Arabic

yalla bye  //  I got to go. Bye.

fiiky t2uuly allah ma3ik  //  You would also say “God with you.”

allah ma3ik  //  Bye/God with you (to a woman)