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ALPS Beirut – Cost for Courses

After managing to maintain our fees at the same rates for the last three years, we are making these slight adjustments ($0.50 to $1.00 per hour) in order to accommodate recent national hikes in cost of living. We look forward to continuing to serve you with professionally and competitively in the months ahead.

Kindly note that as of July 1st 2018 our tuition fees will be as follows:


No Free Conversation Sessions During the Summer

We have loved having our Tuesday conversation times together this year!

Please note, due to the summer peak season, starting on May 15th we will no longer have these sessions. We’ll update you here when they are back.

In the meantime make sure to contact us for summer classes, one on one tutoring, and Skype options!

Fill out the form below to get more information and sign up

How to use the verb nizil / نزل in Spoken Levantine Arabic

This is the 3rd post in a series about the different ways you can use the most common verbs in Spoken Lebanese Arabic so that you can make the most out of all the Arabic you learn. See the other posts here.

“nizil” is a verb that you will use all of the time and in many different ways. In general it can be defined as to go down, but, as you will see below, the meaning of the verb really depends on the context of the sentence…

Some of the different ways to use nizil

I often go down* to Beirut these days, in order to look for a job.

ها الإيام عم بنزل كتير على بيروت عشان فتّش ع شغل

The weather is really nice, we will get in the sea.

لأنّه الطقس كتير حلو، قرّرنا ننزل ع البحر.

We’re going* downtown to shop for tonight’s party.

نازلين ع السوق نجيب كم غرض لحفلة المسا

When we went to Cairo, we stayed in a hotel with affordable prices

لمّا سافرنا ع القاهرة نزلنا بأوتيل أسعارُه مقبولة

I don’t like to take the lift, I’ll take the stairs (down)

ما بحبّ إنزل بالأسونسور، رح إنزل ع الدّرج

A new movie has been released and we want to see it.

نزل فيلم جديد بالسينما وعبالنا نحضرُه.

I want to get out of the bus!

بدّي إنزَل من الباص!

The US dollar (currency) is real low these days!

الدولار نازل منيح هاالإيام!!

My salary is being transferred to my bank account at the end of each month.

كل آخر شهر معاشي عم ينزل بالحساب

Get down from the ladder, you’re going to fall down!

نزال بسرعة عن السّلُّم !!! أحسن ما توقع

The plane landed an hour ago.

الطيارة نزلت من ساعة

When a new fashion is released, prices are high then they start to go down

دايماً لمّا بتنزل موضة جديدة بتكون أسعارها غالية وشوي شوي بتبلّش الأسعار تنزل.

Come down here, I need you.

نزال لعندي لتحت معاوزك

*you might have noticed that nizil is frequently used by native speakers to mean to go (instead of raa7). Here the idea of using this is because you typically go down from your apartment into the crowd or go down from your village to Beirut, for example.

And here is how it is conjugated…

In our Verbs Dictionary in Levantine Colloquial Arabic (for sale at ALPS Beirut or online here) we find the verb and see that it is tagged with an A meaning it is an essential verb to learn and use first, what it means, its form and how it is conjugated in the present and past tenses.

Want to get better at using verbs? Our small class sizes or private tutoring are perfect for that. Tell us what you are looking for:


Easter Greetings and Traditions in Lebanon

It’s one of two holy weeks for Easter in Lebanon.  Easter is a big deal in Lebanon and, depending on the neighborhood, you can feel the جو in the streets the entire week leading up to Easter Sunday. Offices and schools are typically closed on Friday and Monday for both the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Easters – which this year are a week apart.

ALPS will be closed on Friday the 30th of March, Monday the 2nd and Monday the 9th of April. At this occasion, ALPS wishes every one a Happy Easter!

Christ is Risen, He is indeed.

In Arabic: المسيح قام، حقًّا قام

Some people would also choose to say: فُصح مَجيد  for happy Easter.

Easter is a time for many traditions in the Levant: painted eggs are offered to family and guests as well as the famous “ma3muul”, مَعمول ; an oriental pastry based on wheat paste and… butter! It’s stuffed with smashed pistachios – فِستُق حلبي, or with ground nuts جوز , or else with ground dates, تمر , and covered with white ground sugar. It’s a must to try!

Another tradition, on Holy Thursday, is to visit seven churches during the afternoon, as a pilgrimage. The mass celebrated on Holy Thursday also marks the commemoration of the feet washing during which the priest repeats the gesture of Jesus who lowered himself to wash the feet of his disciples.  This ancient ritual takes its roots in Jerusalem, Palestine, with the birth of Christianity when the believers met every year on the night of Holy Thursday to do the same. It would be: for French readers, please go to

Then Friday is typically a time to fast, pray, grieve for Jesus death and on Sunday families go to church and then share a meal together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  All churches stay open for these occasions, even in remote villages.

Do you want an Arabic program that is focused on you and helping you actually speak with people and navigate the culture and customs? If so, contact us below and we’ll help you get into a plan that is made especially for you.

ALPS Beirut Holiday Schedule

ينعاد عليكن

Merry Christmas from Alps Beirut!

Our last day of class at the Hamra branch is Friday December 22nd and we will reopen on January 2nd at 8:00 AM for private tutoring. Also our weekly free conversation sessions will start back on the 2nd. Then group classes begin on January 8th. 

Here’s how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years in Spoken Lebanese!


Free Arabic Conversation Sessions Next Week

Start off your Arabic learning in the new year with our free conversation sessions

Are you looking for an opportunity to speak Lebanese? Stop by ALPS Beirut for a cup of coffee and conversation with our Arabic teachers and other students.

This is a time for anyone who is studying Arabic to bring questions about the language, culture, or life in Beirut and practice speaking Arabic in an informal, friendly setting. You’ll get to know more about the language, meet ALPS teachers and, most importantly, practice speaking Arabic.

Please note: ALPS Beirut is closed from the holidays until January 3rd at 8:00 AM

1o:30 AM to Noon Monday the 3rd of January to Friday the 6th.

Do you have to be a student at ALPS Beirut?

What if I don’t know how to Speak Lebanese?
This time is for people who are already conversational in Arabic. If you are just beginning, check out our classes for beginners and then join us later on.

Is it really free?
Yes completely free!

How do I get to ALPS Beirut?
ALPS Beirut is in Hamra near the American University Hospital. Here are the directions:

For more info contact us at or by phone 961-1-75 50 25 and ask for Joelle (ALPS Director)

ALPS Beirut Holiday Schedule

ينعاد عليكن

Merry Christmas from Alps Beirut!

We will be closed from noon on Friday December 23rd and reopen on January 3rd at 8:00 AM

Here’s how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years in Spoken Lebanese!