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3 Things Successful Students of Spoken Arabic Do

We’ve been helping students speak Lebanese Arabic for over 10 years and there are a few things we have seen that our best students seem to do….

1. Spend as much (or more) time talking in the community than you do in the classroom

We can’t stress this enough. Getting out in the community is essential if you want to learn to speak Arabic. It sounds obvious, but it takes desire and initiative to go out after you have already been in class and have homework. On the surface, it seems like there is a lot of English spoken in Hamra, but talk to us and we have help you find places and opportunities that are a good fit for you and your interests.

2. Seek to learn new words and record them

Use and app, a notebook, or flash cards – whatever works best for you! But the main thing is as you are getting into new conversations write down new words you learned and words you wish you would have know during the conversation. Then bring any new words you have questions about to class and with our small, personal class sizes we can help you learn more of the words you want to be learning.

3. Make mistakes everyday and have fun

The best students are the ones who are always pushing themselves beyond what feels comfortable to say new things in a new way. They don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy trying to connect in Arabic over saying things perfect. Find the right mindset and opportunities for you to enjoy studying Arabic even if t looks different from what other students are doing.

So how would you grade yourself on these 3 things? What is one thing you can do differently? 


Can we help you learn to speak Arabic? Let’s start talking about that below…


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