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Why we love small class sizes

Did you know that the average class size at ALPS Beirut is 3 students?

We believe this creates a win win for both our teachers and students. Small classes allow our teachers to connect personally with each student and be able to address questions and topics that interest each class.

More importantly, small classes allow each student to spend more time speaking Arabic and less time listening to other students. Learning Arabic is a lot more than studying books or listening to a teacher. The goal is that you can speak with confidence and this means you need to spend time practicing communicating in class and outside of class. There is no better way to learn Spoken Lebanese than to speak it! With a small class you will receive more personal feedback on your speaking and have more opportunities to take what you know in your head and practice saying it out loud in Arabic.

For example, let’s say you are in an hour long class and the teacher talks for 30 minutes. That leaves 30 minutes left for the students to practice what they have read and heard. If you have 3 students in your class that’s 10 minutes left for each student. If you have 10 students in your class that’s 3 minutes for you to speak and 27 minutes of listening to other students 😦

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