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How to take a bus in Beirut, Lebanon with Important Arabic Phrases

Getting around Beirut, or Lebanon, by bus is pretty easy and cheap. Busses in Beirut usually cost 1,000 LL ($ 0.66 US). There are just a few things you need to know. Busses have a fixed route – check out the map for details. However, there are no bus stops. You can get on and off whenever and wherever you want.

Here are the three steps to a successful bus trip

1. Stop the bus

Raise your hand just a bit and it will pull over

2. Confirm this is the right bus

by saying “Does this bus go to ___________? in Arabic, for example,

Does this go to Hamra?
btuSal 3a l7amra?
بتوصل عَ الحمرا؟

Does this go to Achrafieh
btuSal 3a lashrafiyyeh?
بتوصل عَ الأشرفية؟ 

3. Stop the bus when you arrive

Say “Please stop, I’ll get out here”
3mol ma3ruuf baddy inzal hown or just 3mol ma3ruuf will get the bus stopped.
عمول معروف بدي إنزل هون أو بس عمول معروف

Check out the bus map to see what areas are covered. Busses are usually a bit ta3ban and crowded, but are a very easy transportation option with no negotiating needed.

Bus 2 takes you from near Bar Bar in Hamra (5 min walk from ALPS) through Mar Elias, Sodeco, Sassine and Dora

Bus 2 HamraImg Cred:

Bus 4 goes right by the ALPS building in Hamra and will go within walking distance of downtown and Gemmayzeh, Sodeco, Tayoune, Beirut Mall and Dahiyyeh. 

Bus 4 Hamra

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