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Ramadan greetings and sayings in Lebanese Arabic

Ramadan Karim

It is the month of Ramadan when Muslims around the world fast from drinking and eating each day during the 9th month in the Islamic calendar from before the Fajr prayer at sunrise until the iftar meal after the Maghrib (sunset) prayer. Here are a few Arabic saying to use during the month:

What do we say during the first days of Ramadan?

RamaDaan kariim
رمضان كريم

And the response is:
RamaDaan akram
رمضان أكرم

You can also say this greeting to wish someone a good start to Ramadan:

Mbaarak 3layk/3laykei/3laykon shshahir
مبارك عليك/عليكِ/عليكُن الشّهر

The response is:
w 3layk/3laykei/3laykon


What do we say to someone who is fasting or has just finished praying?

Taqabbala Allah
تقبَّل الله
Or: Allah yit2abbal
الله يتقبّل
(May God accept your fasting /prayers)

The response is:
minna w minkon nshallah
منّا ومنكُن نشالله
(May He accept for ours and yours as well)


The Eid is a time of feasting and celebration with friends and family and marks the end of Ramadan (which is 29 or 30 days) and the beginning of the next lunar month. This first day of Shawwal is called Eid al-Fitr and here’s how to wish someone a happy Eid:

Kil 3aam w into bkheir
كلّ عام وإنتو بخير
(Happy new year)

The response is:
Yin3aad 3layk/3laykei/3laykon biSa77ah wilbarakeh
ينعاد عليك/عليكِ/عليكُن بالصُّحَّة والبركة


RamaDaan Kariim from ALPS Beirut!

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