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طُلِع is this week’s Lebanese Arabic Word of the Week

tole3 is a verb that means to go up, to depart, or to rise. Here is how it is conjugated:

بيُطلَع، عم يُطلَع، رح يُطلَع، طالِع

tole3, byotla3, 3am yotla3, ra7 yotla3, Taali3


كل ويك أند بُطلَع ع الضيعة مع أهلي
kil weekend botla3 3a Day3ah ma3 ahly
Every weekend I go up to the village with my parents.


منُطلع من بيتنا كلّ يوم الصّبح ع الساعة 7:30
mnotla3 men baytna kil yom eSobi7 3a ssei3a 7:30
We leave our house every day at 7:30 in the morning.


منلتقى اليوم ع الخمسة، اوكي، ماشي؟
mnilt2a lyowm 3al-khamseh, Ok, meishy?
Let’s meet today at 5:00. Is that ok? Does it work for you?


طلعت بالسيارة
tlo3et bis-siyyarah
I got in the car.


طلعت من السيارة
tlo3et min-ssiyyarah
I got out of the car.


الأسونسور معطّل، كرمال هيك طلُعنا عالدرج
l asenceur m3attal, kermeil heik tlo3na 3ad-daraj
The elevator is out of order, so we went up the stairs.


الشّمس بتُطلع الساعة 6 الصبح
sh-shames btotla3 sei3ah 6 S-Sobo7
The sun rises at 6 in the morning.


واوو!!! شو طالعة حلوة اليوم
waww shuu Tal3ah 7ilweh lyoom!!!!
Wow! You look so beautiful today!


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