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قعد is this week’s Lebanese Arabic Word of the Week


2a3adis a verb that means to sit or to stay. Here is how it is conjugated:

بيقعُد، عم يقعُد ، رح يقعُد ، قاعِد

2a3ad, byi23od, 3am yi23od, ra7 yi23od, 2aa3id


رحنا بالعطلة ع شرم الشّيخ وقعدنا بشاليه كتير حلو ومش غالي
ri7na bil 3oTleh 3a sharm esh-sheykh w 2a3adna bi shaleih ktiir 7elo w mish ghaaly
We went to Sharm esh-sheykh during our vacation, and stayed in a beautiful chalet that wasn’t expensive.


صَرلي كلّ النّهار واقفة، رح إقعُد إرتاح شْوَيّ
Sarly kil en-nhaar waa2feh, ra7 i23od irtei7 shwayy
I’ve been standing all day long, I will rest for a while.


قعدت إدرس عربي كلّ السّهرة
2a3adit idros 3araby kil es-sahrah.
I sat the whole evening studying Arabic.


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