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Should Disney movies be in Modern Standard Arabic or the Spoken Dialects?

There has been an interesting debate online about the movie Frozen and how it was released in Arabic. Disney chose to release the film in the MENA region in Modern Standard Arabic. Some people think this was the best choice while other pointed out that Disney made translations for markets much smaller than the Arabic speaking market.

“Why is Disney willing to commission separate translations of its films for speakers of Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, European French and Canadian French, but is moving in the opposite direction when it comes to Arabic? The answer cannot be that the dialect markets are too small. The population of all of Scandinavia is less than a third of Egypt’s, but is represented by five different translations of “Frozen.”

Is it time for Disney movies to be released in multiple spoken dialects of Arabic?

What’s the difference between Modern Standard Arabic and Spoken Levantine Arabic?

Don’t worry ALPS Beirut teaches both MSA and Spoken Lebanese and we can help you figure out what is best for you to study.


  1. We want the Egyptian dialect in Disney Movies: (

  2. Abdel ' says:

    Why not in north african arabic, whithout specific local words and phrases it is easily understood frome Morocco to Tunisia and Algeria ( more thant 90 million of people)

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