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Why students love our small class sizes

1. More chances to speak Arabic

You have more opportunities to practice your speaking in class and you’ll get more feedback from your teacher so you can improve faster.

2. It’s more personal

You have the chance to get to know your teacher and she will be able to better coach and encourage you as you are learning. This also provides a great place to ask more personal and cultural questions and learn more about life here in Lebanon. Small, personal classes create a comfortable environment to not worry about making mistakes as you are learning to read and speak Arabic.

3. Learn more in less time

Small class sizes that are designed around a few students with the same level and learning goals means you can cover more material in each hour.

Here’s what a few of our students have said:

“I had a great experience at ALPS – my teachers were friendly, enthusiastic, and took a genuine interest in my improvement on a week to week basis. The emphasis on studying Spoken Lebanese was also something I liked and I thought the ALPS textbooks were very good and instructive aids to learning. Additionally the small class sizes is a massive plus in speeding up the learning curve as it means that you get a higher degree of personal interaction with your teacher and classmates than you would in a larger class.” MA

“ALPS exceeded my expectations in both quality and rewards. ALPS provides an atmosphere that is conducive for learning a new language, it is professional, comfortable, and dedicated to each individual.” JAH


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