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November Spoken Lebanese Beginners’ Class – 2 Hours a Day

Total Beginners Spoken Lebanese Class

This class begins with learning the alphabet (using the book Alefba) in Modern Standard Arabic AND the Lebanese Dialect. This way you’ll see how the Lebanese pronunciation of the Arabic letters differs from Modern Standard Arabic and you can use this knowledge wherever and however you use Arabic in the future.

After you study the alphabet, you’ll also learn important Lebanese Arabic phrases and vocabulary that are spoken everyday in Beirut. By the end of the class you will be using Spoken Levantine Vol 1 and you’ll be able to introduce yourself, get around Beirut easier and have basic conversations.

This will be a small, personal class so reserve your place today. Sign up by e-mailing us at

Class Details
Dates: November 4-29 (4 weeks)
Days: Monday thru Friday (5 days a week)
Time: 2:00 to 4:00
Cost: US$8/hour

Call or email us to find out about other groups, levels, and times for November. ALPS Beirut is a flexible and personal program and teaches Modern Standard Arabic and the spoken dialect. 

Contact us at
or by phone 961-1-75 50 25 and ask for Joelle (ALPS Director)


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