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Best Falafel Restaurant in Beirut

Next time you are at ALPS Beirut, stop by Falafel Abuzziz, a local falafel shop that exclusively specializes in falafel.  It’s right near the Arabic language center and offers fresh falafel sandwiches or falafel by the half-dozen or dozen. Falafel is a great vegetarian option and is made from a mixture of hommos (chick peas) and fuul (beans), boiled, ground then fried.

photo (4)

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

1. It’s about a 2 minute walk from ALPS Beirut

Just follow these directions:

2. Place your order


3  Hand your receipt to the guy behind the counter

Like most local take away restaurants, you order at the cash register and then hand your receipt to the person who prepares the food.

photo (5)

That’s Ahmed

photo (6)

4. How do you like your sandwich?

Tell them if you want it regular “3aadi” or you can order it without any ingredients that you don’t like by saying “bala... ”

photo (3)

The standard ingredients for a falafel sandwich at Falafel Abuzziz are:

In Spoken Lebanese and English:

  • banadura  –  tomato
  • kabiis 7arr  –  pickled peppers
  • ba2doness  –  parsley
  • khass  –  lettuce
  • kabiis – pickled turnip
  • na3na3  –  mint
  • Tarator  –  a sauce made of T7iineh (sesame seed paste), lemon and water

Other common  ingredients are green onions, white onions and garlic (basal 2abyad, basal 2akhdar w tuum)


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