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Learn Spoken Lebanese

American: “Lao sa-maHt, ay-nuh el mah-tãm Ka-bab-ji?”
Beiruti: “Speak English or French?”
American: “Uh…English.”
Beiruti: “OK, go straight and first left…you will see. Welcome to Lebanon.”
American: “Shou-kran.”
Beiruti: “You’re welcome.”
begins Ben Kalt’s helpful article that gives details and practical advice for anyone starting out studying spoken Arabic.  What is spoken arabic and why study it? Check out these posts from our blog.

If you want to use Arabic to get around Beirut and build relationships, come by ALPS and enroll in one of our spoken Arabic courses.  We’ll begin with the most important and common words and expressions so you can take what you learn in class and use it when you are out in Beirut.

As always, our class sizes are no more than 5 students and one on one private tutoring is also available.


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