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Media Arabic Courses at ALPS

The nice thing about studying Arabic by using newspaper articles and radio broadcasts is that you can more quickly and easily see your progress in Modern Standard Arabic.  Why is this?

1. These classes are based on the sections of the newspaper.
You will focus on one section of the paper and get familiar with it before moving on to the next one.  For example, if you are reading and talking about elections, you will read several articles about various elections. As you read the articles, you will see certain words repeated in each article: voting, candidate, names of parties etc and this will help you become more comfortable with the vocabulary and the topic.

2. History repeats itself
Many topics and issues in the paper today are similar to things that have happened in the past-the names and places have just changed.  Because of this, studying Media Arabic today will help you read and understand the news better in the future.

If you already have a foundation in reading and writing MSA, these classes are a great way to broaden your comprehension, practice reading, and learn the vocab words that are used most often in the newspaper.  You will still learn some grammar, but the focus will be practically understanding and reading the news.

ALPS offers 2 levels of classes that will help you understand and read the news in Arabic.

Media Arabic for Beginners

In this class you will use shorter more basic articles, grouped by theme.  Each article also has an audio transcript, so you can improve your pronunciation as you read.

Advanced Media Arabic

In this class you will use written, audio and visual media from various Arabic news sources.  You should have a strong foundation in MSA and media vocab since this is the same material that native speakers use.

As always, our class sizes are no more than 5 students and one on one private tutoring is also available.


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