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Around the word حقّ:

At ALPS our program is built on teaching you common and practical words and phrases right from the beginning.  Here is an example of one small word and how it is used in different circumstances.

You are right: معك حقّ
You have the right: إلك حقّ
You are right and I have wronged you: حقّك عليّي
It’s your fault: الْحقّ عليك
It’s no one’s fault but yours: كلّ الحقّ عليك
It’s nobody’s’ fault: كلّ الحقّ ع الطّليان
(a special comment to our Italian friends: please don’t hold a grudge on us, this is just a funny Lebanese saying. If you know its origin, please contact us )
Be fair with me: عَطيني حقّي
Let us all admit the truth: الْحقّ حقّ
All efforts are in vain, no results can be expected: لا حقّ ولا باطل
Human rights: حقوق الإنسان

And now, 2 proverbs in Levantine Arabic:

قول الحقّ حتّى ولو على قطع راسك

لو كلّ مين  بياخد حقُّه كان الْقاضي بِسَكّر حَبْسُه


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