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What are you doing this summer?

ALPS is now enrolling students for full time intensive classes during the summer.

Each class is 3 hours a day 5 days a week.  Level 1A begins with learning to write and pronounce the alphabet in both MSA and Spoken Lebanese and the most useful phrases and concepts in Spoken Lebanese.  Level 1B builds on book 1A and incorporates the most important verbs and verb tenses to help you converse in Spoken Lebanese.  You can also begin with any session and continue where you left off for the next session.

Session 1
Dates: July 2nd to July 27th
Levels: 1A & 1B
Cost: US$8/hour

Session 2
Dates: July 30th to August 28th (Fitr Holiday Excluded)
Levels: 1A & 1B
Cost: US$8/hour

Session 3
Dates: September 3rd to September 28th
Levels: 1A & 1B
Cost: US$8/hour

Head Start
Dates: June 18th to June 29th
Levels: 1A
Cost: US$8/hour
Start your summer off with a 2 week 4 hours a day class and then enroll in Session 1 book 1B if you want to continue.

In addition to these intensive classes, ALPS Beirut will continue to offer other part time classes and flexible tutoring options in MSA and Spoken Lebanese.


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