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Saying Thank You in Lebanese

One of the first things you will want to be able to say when you are in Lebanon is thank you in response to the amazing hospitality of the people here.  You may already know shukran, but there are many ways to express your gratitude in Lebanese:

merci ktiiryislamosallem ideik, mamnuunak


  1. […] have discussed the variety of ways to say thanks in Spoken Lebanese Arabic.  Now we will talk about saying no thanks.  The Lebanese people are […]

  2. Joan wilson says:

    My stepfather has Lebonese nieghbors…they are the kindest ppl to the him…they watch out after him and are very generous ppl…they even gave us a lemon tree which we cherish….this is why I wanted to look up how to say thankyou in Lebonese..out of respect…something we need more of in this world…

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